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Reclaim Your Birth Services

Labor Support + Birth Empowerment Sessions
(In person or Virtual)

*Currently only accepting births with due dates starting May of 2023* One of the best things you can do to reduce fear during your birth is to feel empowered. With Birth Empowerment sessions, you will gain the practical tools and information you need to create the birth experience that you desire. We will discuss your fears and concerns, learn the natural process of labor and birth, create your ideal birth plan, and empower your mind, body, and soul! These services include:

  • 4 virtual preparation sessions (add on sessions available)

  • Convenience for you and your family

  • Access to me via text, email, and phone for the duration of your pregnancy and birth

  • A Google folder full of resources you can access at any time

  • In person labor support

  • Education, empowerment, support

  • Investment: $1000

Pregnant Belly
Happy Dad

Daytime Postpartum Support
(Virtual or Home Visits)

Birth and the 4th trimester can be very scary and stressful. Not only are you trying to figure out a new baby, but you are also trying to take care of yourself. With postpartum support, you are able to rest and reduce the anxiety that comes with a new addition to the family. Every parent needs a support system after the birth of a baby, new foster home placement, or new child by adoption. These services include:

  • Postpartum support between 7am-6pm

  • Baby wearing assistance

  • Breast/chest feeding support

  • Bottle feeding support

  • Light housework (sweeping, dishes, laundry)

  • Perinatal mood disorder education

  • Natural postpartum pain relief remedies

  • Investment: $35/hr (10hr minimum)

Birth Plan Creation

Are you someone who already has a vast knowledge of the birthing process and a strong birth team? Maybe you don't want all of the services a Doula has to offer, but you do need assistance creating your birth plan. This option provides you with a one time birth planning session. This service includes:

  • A virtual 1-2hr planning session

  • Birth plan template

  • Resources to help you decide your various birthing options

  • A knowledgeable and trained thought partner

  • A final birth plan that can be shared with your birth team

  • Investment: $75

Family Planning
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"It was definitely a 10/10 experience! She kept me laughing through the pain and was an AMAZING support person not only durning my birth but before and after. She portrays herself to be just as invested in your pregnancy ,birth and postpartum as if it’s her own! I love her!"


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