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What Is A Doula?

The word "doula" simply means someone who supports or helps another person. The role of a full spectrum doula is to provide this guidance during the entire perinatal period--this includes pregnancy, birth, and up to a year postpartum. As your doula, I get the honor of using my training and knowledge to help you advocate for yourself as you go through your journey to parenthood. Doula support can look like providing you and your family with information, a calm environment, a positive mindset, resources, physical & emotional support, infant & parent care, breastfeeding support, and MORE!

Birth Doula with Couple
What is a Doula?: About
Baby's Grasp

Evidence on Doula Support

*More likely to have the birth experience that you desire
*Less likely to ask for pain medication
*Less likely to experience negative feelings about birth and postpartum
*Babies are less likely to have complications at birth
*More positive experience for the partner and birth team

What is a Doula?: Quote

"Phenomenal experience! Was a great support for myself, my husband, and my baby girl! She was amazing with her services and check-ins during pregnancy, vital during labor and delivery, and continued to check in with us and answer questions during postpartum. My husband and I both agree that she will be a part of all of our future pregnancies. We love her. She was intricate part of our pregnancy and birth!"


What is a Doula?: Testimonials
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